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Legislative Committee on Direct Primary Care finishes its work

The state legislature’s Legislative Council Study Committee on Direct Primary Care (DPC) concluded its work Tuesday and was unable to reach consensus on any legislative or regulatory recommendations for the 2019-2020 state legislative biennium. The committee did agree to recommend that the state’s Group Insurance Board consider utilizing a DPC option for state employees.

Legislative Council Study Committees are formed for the period in even-numbered years when the state legislature is out of session. Made up of both legislative and public members, each study committee delves into a specific topic and can issue recommendations that are then drafted as legislation that can affect state statutes and/or the administrative code.

Working off a memo listing potential recommendations related to DPC, committee members’ discussions Tuesday afternoon in the State Capitol revealed the fairly stark philosophical split on how to approach the DPC issue. While one faction strongly desired statutory language declaring that DPC arrangements would not be considered insurance under state law, another group feared that such a blanket declaration could make regulating future DPC programs too difficult, even if a DPC entity expanded its program into a more insurance-like area. Other options listed in the memo elicited similar disagreements.

The committee met three times this summer, including in August when the Society presented the committee with information related to physician burnout. That presentation was an important opportunity to share the facts and data related to this growing concern affecting physicians and patients, which also contributes to the state’s physician shortage. Six members of the state legislature served on the committee, including co-chairs Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, and Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills.

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