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Society kicks off political giving ‘race’

In the spirit of friendly competition before the November elections, the Wisconsin Medical Society is tracking how much money is being sent out between Labor Day and election day via our political giving programs: WISMedDIRECT and WISMedPAC. Although we won’t be tracking specific races, we will report on contributions made to Democratic and Republican candidates and may highlight some races as the election season progresses.

“Candidates for elective office always hope to win physicians’ support,” said Society Senior Vice President of Government Relations Mark Grapentine, JD. “Physicians are leaders in the community and are therefore special constituents.

“Physicians are also very diverse in their political leanings and are just as competitive as the candidates themselves,” Grapentine added. “We thought it would be fun for physicians to see where contributions are coming in—it might spur some contribution competition as we get close to election day.”

If you plan to contribute to a particular candidate, please consider doing so via WISMedDIRECT, which allows you to control where your money goes. Another option is to contribute to WISMedPAC, in which case the PAC Board will determine where the contribution goes. For either option, contact Heidi Green at 608.442.3720.

And to monitor progress from week to week, look for the “Election Challenge” update in each issue of Medigram.

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