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Members met with Congressional reps to discuss surprise billing

From L to R: George Morris, Gwen Moore, Amar Ambardekar, Kathleen Williams, Lisa Maurer

On Wednesday Wisconsin Medical Society members met with Congressional representatives around the state to discuss solutions to surprise billing and other timely issues. In Milwaukee Doctors George Morris, Amar Ambardekar, Lisa Maurer and Kathleen Williams met with Rep. Gwen Moore. In Oshkosh Doctors Paul Larson, Gerald Clarke and Kerry Ahrens met with Rep. Glenn Grothman. The conversations between Society members and Congressional representatives were lively and informative.

The representatives were back in their districts meeting with concerned physicians about the impacts that surprise billing has for patients and their practices. Surprise billing is dominating the national conversation about health care cost and access and Congress is looking to remedy the issue. The rise of surprise billing has coincided with narrowing insurance networks which negatively impact patient access. Currently, several bills are working their way through Congress with varying provisions and policies that will have wide-ranging implications for patients and physicians.

Paul Larson, MD, Kerry Ahrens, MD, with Rep Glenn Grothman and the staff at the Ambulatory Surgical Center in Oshkosh

Specifically, Society members stressed the need for an independent dispute resolution (IDR) process in any final legislation. An IDR is critical to maintain patient access to high-performing physicians regardless of their geographic location. An IDR process will also incentivize payers to negotiate in good faith with health care professionals in order to maintain and increase patient access to high quality care. The Society provided the Congressional representatives with following solutions for surprise billing.

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