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Society offers free webinar: How to avoid peer to peer calls

Affecting nearly every physician specialty, peer-to-peer calls last an average of 10 to 15 minutes each. While these calls are necessary for overturning studies denied by insurance companies, the administrative burden put on physicians is significant. More time on the phone means less time with patients, and these hassles contribute to physician burnout.

The Wisconsin Medical Society has teamed up with Robert Neaderthal, MD, MBA, to offer a free webinar to Society members and their health care teams titled “How to Avoid Peer-to-Peer Calls” on Wednesday, March 20 at noon.

Doctor Neaderthal, who also recorded an episode of WisMed OnCall on this topic in January, spent 30 years in a primary care practice and seven years as a medical director of the nation’s largest Prior Authorization company. During the webinar, he will discuss how to obtain approval for imaging studies “right out of the gate” without delays, denials and appeals. He also will provide an overview of the “Four Keys to the Prior Authorization Castle,” saving time and avoiding the administrative hassles that lead to professional dissatisfaction and burnout.

Click here to register, and visit Dr. Neaderthal’s website for more information. The webinar also will be available on demand following the live program.

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