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Future of Society governance taking shape

As the 2020 House of Delegates approaches, Wisconsin Medical Society staff is increasing its effort to gather member feedback on proposed changes to the Society’s policymaking process. After hosting eight events across the state in 2019, Society staff and Board members will be heading out again in January and February for a second round of district meetings. These meetings will provide a more tangible framework for the future of Society governance.

Building on the successful digital policymaking structure used by Colorado and other State Medical Societies, the draft process for Wisconsin Medical Society could work as follows:

  1. WisMed Community facilitates dialogue about relevant policy issues.
  2. Members submit resolutions at any time throughout the year via WisMed Community.
  3. Resolutions and testimony are reviewed by reference committees consisting of subject matter experts.
  4. Feedback from staff and reference committees is incorporated into resolution packet for the Board of Directors (Board).
  5. Resolutions to be reviewed by the Board are sent out to all members two weeks before the Board meeting for feedback and comments via WisMed Community.
  6. The Board reviews resolutions and makes a recommendation to adopt, to not adopt or to send back to staff/author for more information.
  7. Board decisions will be sent to the full membership via WisMed Community for review over a two-week period. Members will be able to register their approval/disapproval on each decision.
  8. A certain threshold of disapproval of the Board decision could trigger a re-review of the decision by the Board.
  9. Approved Board decisions are adopted into Society policy.

“This draft process is designed to create more opportunities for more members to engage in our policymaking process in an accessible format,” said Peter Welch, Chief Operating Officer. “We’ve reached this point with the help of outstanding member feedback and we need a lot more input to ensure that our end product will serve our members well.”

Over the next two months, Society staff will be hosting events in each of the eight districts to hear feedback on this process. Click here to RSVP for your district’s meeting. You can also fill out this form to provide your questions and feedback about these proposed changes.

Contact Peter Welch with questions.

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