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Society efforts result in physician reimbursement increase

The Society is pleased to announce that the Department of Health Services (DHS) will be increasing physician Medicaid reimbursement for physician and psychiatrist services by $18.5 million effective January 1, 2020. Overall this represents a six percent increase in rates and is the first time DHS has increased base Medicaid rates for physicians since 2008. The other time was a temporary two-year bump as a part of the Affordable Care Act. The rate increase will focus on “problem focused and preventive” E&M Codes: 99201-99215, 99231-99245, 99251-99255 and 99381-99397.

This much-needed rate increase follows Governor Evers’ direction in his line-item veto message to DHS to find funding to help increase access to behavioral health services. The Society has been actively engaged with DHS, specifically Medicaid Director Jim Jones and Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm, to help develop policy for the implementation of this increase. The recent rate increase represents an accomplishment of one of the Society’s principle budget priorities and we look forward to continued partnership with the Department and the Governor’s office.

Please contact HJ Waukau with any questions.

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