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Health care praises yet another Worker’s Comp business cost reduction

Health care liaisons to the state’s Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) praised news of an upcoming major reduction in the insurance premiums businesses pay for worker’s compensation (WC) coverage. The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau has recommended that an 8.84 percent reduction in premiums take effect on October 1–the state’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance will need to approve the recommendation through an administrative rule update.

The reduction will be the fourth in as many years to provide businesses a reduction in rates, and the seventh time rates have gone down in the past nine years. The latest drop comes at a time when Labor and Management members of the WCAC are negotiating over a potential “agreed-to” bill that would propose potential changes to the state’s WC system. Included in Management’s list of proposals is a dramatic change to the fee dispute process within WC that could drastically reduce reimbursement for health care-related services given to injured workers. The proposal is essentially a “back door” fee schedule that would reduce WC reimbursement to levels that are usually negotiated between payors and those providing health care services.

The WCAC is scheduled to meet twice next week and may reach an agreement on a proposal that would then be drafted into legislation and submitted to the relevant committees of the state legislature. Contact Mark Mark Grapentine, JD for more information.

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