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Clarke shares health care concerns with State Senate President

Society member Gerald Clarke, MD, and his wife, Sherry, attended “Rothtoberfest,” a fundraiser for State Senate President Roger Roth (R – Appleton) in Appleton on Monday evening.

Doctor and Mrs. Clarke spoke at length with Senator Roth, expressing their concern over a number of issues, including the CARES Act, which would change the relationship between physicians and physician assistants from supervision to collaboration. The Senator expressed concerns about “medical” marijuana and an interest in price transparency in health care.

Senator Roth addressed the crowd of supporters and lobbyists, sharing that he and his Republican colleagues will continue to fight against Governor Tony Evers’ agenda, focusing on the needs of small business owners and on eliminating burdensome regulations. The Senator responded to the Governor’s recent remarks about the Senate with a comparison of himself and his colleagues to the 101st Airborne Division of World War II, who improbably held their position in the Battle of the Bulge. He used this anecdote to highlight the challenge of accomplishing anything in a divided government.

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