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It’s the last few days of the WISMedPAC push and half of the $20,000 goal for the week has already been contributed by generous members. Next year at this time, the 2020 election will be over. Help make an impact in electing our President, Congress, judges and the state legislature – the time is now to get into the game!

To increase the impact of these contributions, John Hartman, MD, Chair of the WISMedPAC board, has promised to give $100 for every $1,000 raised during this push.

With WISMedPAC, the WISMedPAC board makes contributions to candidate committees at the state level and focuses on leadership committees. Giving through WISMedPAC is easy and contributors won’t be contacted about how they want to spend their contribution. It will go into the PAC (political action committee) and will be part of WISMedPAC contributions.

WISMedDIRECT is the Society’s other political giving option. It’s just like having a personal political checking account and only the contributor can decide which candidates receive their funds. WISMedDIRECT contributions can be made to local, state and federal candidates.

Congressman Ron Kind and Donn Dexter, MD

Donn Dexter, MD, practices in Eau Claire with the Mayo Clinic Health System. He’s a WISMedPAC Board member and is very politically engaged. He makes most of his contributions via WISMedDIRECT. Doctor Dexter shared a bit about his experience with political giving through the Society.

How long have you been politically engaged via WISMedPAC/DIRECT?

I’ve been utilizing the political giving programs at the Society for almost 15 years.

Why are you politically engaged and how does it help your practice?

What happens in Madison and Washington, D.C., directly impacts our patients, practice and profession. Being involved offers a way to help guide the process to benefit all of us.

How easy is it to give via WISMedPAC/DIRECT?

It couldn’t be easier! Just call Heidi and tell her your credit card number and the amount you want to give. She may offer you opportunities to support candidates that are working with the Society, or you can give to the candidates of your choice. I typically do both.

What is your primary reason for giving to WISMedPAC/DIRECT?

It makes my political giving so very easy. I just need to decide my political giving budget. Then I make my contribution to WISMedDIRECT, where I control who my money goes to and direct the contributions from that single account. When the money is gone, I am done with my giving for the year.

Dr. Dexter added, “I would encourage every physician to join the WISMedPAC/DIRECT group and support our legislative advocacy team. It is an easy and effective way to advocate for our profession.”

Click here to contribute. Please email or call Heidi Green, Director of Development and Political Giving at 608.442.3720 with any questions and to get set up!

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