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The Wisconsin Medical Society, utilizing data compiled by the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO), has created the “Did You Know” series to keep you informed of health care cost and quality in Wisconsin. “Did You Know” is designed to broaden your understanding of some of the differences in health care depending on region, demographics, procedures, treatments and conditions.

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Did you know?

  1. According to the CDC, the 2015 national rate for cesarean section was approximately 32 percent, while WHIO data indicates Wisconsin rates were lower, ranging from 23 percent to 25 percent. The national C-section rate in 1965 was 4.5 percent.
  2. The causes for the increase in C-sections are multifactorial and frequently debated. Suggested possible reasons include fetal monitoring, larger babies, larger mothers, epidural anesthesia, medical-legal climate and an increase in twin pregnancies.
  3. A cost of an entire pregnancy episode is more than 55 percent higher when a C-section is performed: $17,093 vs. $10,850 (Figure 1).
  4. The rate of C-section in northern Wisconsin is 10 percent higher than in southern Wisconsin (Figure 2).

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